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About Us

Why are we the ideal provider?

gradGREENHOUSE has been hosting Virtual Careers Fairs (VCFs) with video for top tier Universities in Asia since our establishment in Singapore over 7 years ago.

We have now expanded our coverage to helping leading Universities in the United Kingdom & Ireland, Europe, Australia, North America and beyond.

We are passionate about providing customised solutions for our clients to satisfy their Virtual Careers Fair’s needs, with unique, intuitive and efficient technologies.

This passion has overflowed into new creating compatible platforms, plug-ins and services including:

  • Video Interviewing & Screening,
  • Video Admissions
  • Video Profiles

In a world of globalisation, we are proud to support students, employers and academic institutions achieve their recruitment goals including but not limited to diversification, accessibility, and equal opportunity for all.

Our long-term business partnerships are built on transparency, honesty, and integrity.

And every day we specialise, focus, and refocus on one thing – our clients’ needs.


Why are VCFs important and effective?

Virtual Career Fairs are a game-changer.

For the first time ever, attendees and employers from around the world come face-to-face in real time on a seamless platform which reviewers have said is: “the best user experience for Virtual Careers Fairs in the market”

Our 48-hour virtual events can be specific to industries, skills or geographies, or to whichever audience you are focused on. The limitations are your own imagination.

Being truly global, gradGREENHOUSE’s Virtual Careers Fairs eliminate international barriers and time zones, allowing easier access to a global audience.

And this includes bringing some of your best assets (your staff and alumni) to the event. No longer are they unreachable, as they are only a click away from sharing their expertise, advice and experiences.

Whilst recent requirements of social distancing, make choosing a Virtual Careers Fair a necessity, you do not need to fully replace regular career fairs with virtual ones, why not use both?

Virtual and physical careers fairs can be used in tandem to offer participants a technology friendly experience giving increased access to both local and international attendees with lots of invaluable takeaways.

Contact our Relationship Managers to understand more about our unique solutions.


Empowering Employers & their Recruitment Teams

At gradGREENHOUSE, we believe that the best and most accurate knowledge about a company and their job openings comes directly from the employer and their staff.

Our goal is to empower the recruitment team throughout the entire Virtual Careers Fair.

By uploading job descriptions, brochures, videos and logos, companies can customise their booths to increase their brand awareness to a targeted and focused audience. 

Each member of your recruitment team has their own profile, through which they can identify, and interview their preferred candidates.

And if you’re curious, we have new recruitment tools which can further enhance you and your recruitment teams experience saving time and resources whilst increasing accuracy and efficiency.



From Students

“gradGREENHOUSE was quick to respond to my needs and helped me find a perfect fit for me. I got a call from the company within 2 days of my registration and was starting my new job within a week.”
- Mehul, Singapore Management University, hired by a Recruitment Startup Agency

“The gradGREENHOUSE team gave me lots of tips and guidelines to prepare for my second interview after I successfully completed my first. They were always there for me during the difficult times I faced when there were delays in my commencement date.”
- Naveen, Singapore Polytechnic, MNC Employee

“On other platforms, I was always happy with the opportunities provided by the companies, but somehow my resume was never noticed. gradGREENHOUSE gave me a better platform to achieve my ideal job, and I got hired.”
- Manoj, Singapore Institute of Technology, hired by a US technology firm

From Universities

Our Virtual Career Fair created very good exposure for our graduates. gradGREENHOUSE understands the mind set of our generation Y. Some students and graduates have been shortlisted by the companies that participated in the event. We can now use this data to report our employment rate to our relevant stakeholders. We believe that VCF’s are essential in the current progressive landscape, meaning our graduates can connect with employers regionally and globally without the need to commute and hassle-free!”
- Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Virtual Career Fair Prof Dr Ishak, Director of Career Services UKM

From Employers

“It is a splendid way of building the bridge for the gap between employers/companies with graduating students and internship seeker.”
- Successpedia – Founder Desmond Pang

“To recruit graduates from Malaysia without the need to be physically present during a career fair is unimaginable. And you made it possible! Kudos to UKM Virtual Careers Fair and their team!”
- Invest Muse Pte Ltd – Recruiter Jay Ng

“I like the fact I can do my own search, this cut a lot of time wasting on my CV search and filtering of all the applicants. I have recruited someone from gradGREENHOUSE and the whole process took less than a month.”
- KPMG–Recruiter Christopher Arumugam