How Virtual Career Fairs Can Solve Your Graduate Recruitment Challenges

November 12, 2020

COVID-19 has brought patent and formidable consequences to our everyday life; a fact which we hardly need to remind you of, as these are perturbing times for all of us. Perhaps, more than anything, the toll it’s taken on the employment-related aspects of life is something that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. This can especially be attributed to the graduate demographic; building a career in the current climate makes an already-challenging hurdle that much more intimidating. At gradGREENHOUSE, we aim to alleviate this problem.

We believe we should move this negative outlook to the backseat, instead turning our heads to a solution for this struggling group: Virtual Careers Fairs (VCFs). How exactly can VCFs help, you might ask? Let’s go into some more depth.

Luminate Prospects state that VCFs attract considerably more participants, varying from 7x more attendees than physical fairs. Similarly, open positions receive 36% more applications when paired with video-based content; a feature which acts as a basis for our entire service, especially regarding video admissions and interviews. Our specialisation in the often-neglected graduate demographic typically brings in an additional 3000 graduate participants on average when paired with a physical fair.

However, we at gradGREENHOUSE firmly believe these numbers can only go higher, especially with consideration to the current global situation. It’s clear that a plethora of individuals (graduates and aspiring workers alike) want to find paid work wherever they can, now more than ever in this time of uncertainty. We offer an unlimited capacity of attendees, including applicants, employers and university colleagues alike. Our unique focus on the graduate demographic also brings a commonly neglected group into the fray, increasing these stats further.

The newfound problems caused by the current pandemic are no longer an obstacle, thanks to a dedicated portal that re-invents recruitment processes, offering opportunities for both employer and aspiring-employee to connect remotely, completely risk-free. Furthermore, we theorise VCF methods could be a remedy for the anxiety that comes with all the current chaos, which arguably affects successful job-opportunities and interviews just as much as the physical-distancing drawbacks.

But our unique approach to VCF solutions don’t just accommodate for COVID-related challenges; we all can be rest assured that these troubling times won’t last forever, but things certainly won’t be the same. In a post-COVID climate, VCFs have the utmost potential to attract more attendees by (everyone likes the comfort of their own home, right?). Our unlimited capacity removes the size limitations of physical careers events, which is a benefit that will never change.

VCFs also allow for further customisation (especially through GradGREENHOUSE) that would often only be limited to a single, physical stand or booth in a normal careers’ fair environment. Your digital interface will have a much more lasting impact visually compared to the non-descript lines of cookie-cutter stands and brand logos; not forgetting that our digital interface is considerably easier to set-up.

Video profiling and interviews will allow you to see more candidates than ever before, while maintaining the first-hand engagement that makes careers’ fairs important to begin with. All attendees have access to an array of respected and prestigious employers without the liability of travel, lifting this encumbrance from their shoulders and, therefore, increasing attendee numbers.

We also pride ourselves with being as international and inclusive as possible, bringing candidates from throughout Asia, Europe and America into the fray for each-and-every available opportunity. This kind of global reach can only be accomplished through remote methods, and our digital format is here to accommodate that aspect every step of the way.

We believe, considering the current situation and onwards, it’s a smart move to create a digital support platform for everyday employment situations worldwide.

Currently, there’s no better time to start, and no better way than through gradGREENHOUSE; we’ll satisfy your recruitment demands every step of the way and beyond.

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