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How it Works

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Empowering Employers and their Recruitment Teams

At GradGreenhouse, we believe that the best and most accurate knowledge about a company and their job openings comes directly from the employer and their staff. Our goal is to empower the recruitment team throughout the entire recruitment process. Every member of the recruitment team has value to offer.

We’ve arranged our system to allow you, the employer; to manage your whole recruitment team from one place. You can delegate any number of jobs to any team member, allowing each job to be managed independently of each other under one umbrella.

Each member of your recruitment team has their own profile, through which they can interview their preferred candidates and manage the jobs assigned to them, enabling a more personalised experience for all applicants.

Our system allows each team member to give their qualitative feedback of each candidate based upon the five main criteria used by recruiters; Fit with the company’s values, Cultural Fit, Relevant technical skills, Ability to work in a team, and Communicative skills. These scores are then shared with the recruitment team to give an overall evaluation. This allows the employer to accurately and easily compare all of the candidates’ aptitudes on each criteria.



GradGreenhouse offers a fully customizable subscriptions model to suit each and every company’s requirements, allowing you to avoid paying for features you don’t need by selecting the specific number of jobs, GradCloud* credits and video interviews you require. Subscriptions can then be extended and additional credits can be purchased at any time.

Job postings are not the only way a company can benefit from being active on GradGreenhouse. By subscribing to GradGreenhouse, you can draw value from being part of our community. You have the ability to engage with graduates and increase your brand awareness to a targeted audience without the obligation of having to purchase a job posting. You can then use our integrated messaging application to personally engage with graduates and increase your outreach.

Once a company has purchased a job post, they are able to create a job advertisement and make it available to be searched and discovered by graduates. Jobs are live for one month, and can be extended by another month at any given time. They can be reposted at the end of their duration with a single click.

Click here to view our subscriptions model and pricing.

*GradCloud credits refers to the number of graduate profiles a company can actively source through our database of candidates. Credits are not consumed if the graduate approaches you.



Testing is growing in prominence within the recruitment industry, and adds ‘colour’ to a candidate’s application. Tests also allow graduates to understand more about their own strengths, skills and careers which suit them best.

Cognitive Assessments

Our specialised testing partner is a leading Cognitive Assessment provider. Their logical test measures an individual’s general cognitive ability in 12 minutes, is culturally sensitive, and available in over 70 languages. This gives the candidate the option to take the assessment in their preferred language and simultaneously enables the employer to benchmark candidates against one another.

The assessment measures processing skills, auditory skills, visual processing, long and short term memory, logic and reasoning and attention skills. We offer the Cognitive Assessment free of charge, and encourage all graduates to take it, as the insight it provides is invaluable to employers.

Psychometric Testing

GradGreenhouse offers the graduates the opportunity to take Psychometric Tests produced by our partner who is a world leading provider of innovative online testing and questionnaires for recruitment, selection and development.

We offer 11 individual tests, which combine to produce a full portfolio of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in multiple areas:

Shapes: Personality Questionnaire

This test assesses the candidate’s everyday behaviour. There are no right or wrong answers, only the best statements that describe them. Taking the test gives them a better chance to showcase their qualities to the potential employer that may not be easily judged by reading their CV.

Verbal Compact: Verbal Reasoning

This 6-minute test measures the candidate’s ability to understand, analyse and evaluate information in articles, lists and instructions. This test is tailored to suit all job roles.

Numerical Compact: Numerical Reasoning

In this 6-minute test, the candidate is presented with tables, lists and diagrams, from which they will be required to analyse, evaluate and implement numerical information to answer different questions. Whilst the test is useful for all job roles, it is particularly tailored to suit roles such as finance, accounting, logistics and engineering.

CLS: Inductive Logical Reasoning

This 12-minute test measures the candidate’s inductive logical reasoning skills. The task is to work out rules and interrelations which assign tables to two different categories.

LST: Deductive Logical Reasoning

This 6-minute test measures the candidate’s deductive reasoning ability. In this test the candidates are presented with a grid containing objects which appear only once per row and per column. One cell is marked by a question mark and the task at hand is to find out what object should appear in that cell.

Clues: Information Competence

This 15-minute test measures information competence in complex situations. The task is to act as a substitute for a project manager and to be responsible for that person's email inbox. The handling of the test mirrors modern office software; this means new emails arrive whilst completing the test.

FAN: Memory of Faces

This 5-minute test measures the candidate’s ability to memorise names of people. Whilst this test is useful for any job role, it is tailored to best suit customer facing roles.

LCT: Learning Efficiency

This 5-minute test measures the candidate’s ability to memorise shown objects in the correct order. Taking this test is a good indication of the candidate’s learning aptitude and is tailored for any job role.

SPC: Visual Thinking

This 5-minute test measures the candidate’s ability to think visually. They are shown an original image and a copy image, from which they will be required to find the mistakes in the copy as quickly as they can.

This ability is useful in, but not limited to, physics, math and computer science. The test is tailored to suit apprentices, trainees, warehouse logistics, CAD qualified individuals.

SPR: Spatial Reasoning

This 10-minute test measures the candidate’s affinity for spatial reasoning and awareness. The candidate is given geometric shapes which they will be required to arrange into a pattern. This test is tailored to suit technical, engineering, mechanical and medical roles.

BLO: Ultra Short Term Memory

This 1-minute test measures the candidate’s short term memory and the capacity of sensory memory. The task is to quickly decide if the picture shown is equal to the second last picture shown.

This test is tailored to suit roles requiring the short term memorising of details like controlling, safety inspectors, pilots, and air traffic controllers.


By completing a full portfolio of Psychometric Tests, a graduate can not only increase the amount of colour in their application.

For employers, Psychometric Tests are a game-changer as they allow a unique insight into the candidates’ persona, enabling recruiters to identify the right type of person for the role. If an employer would like any candidate to take a particular test, they can easily make this part of their recruitment process.

Candidates receive insights into their own strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to identify areas that can be improved upon. They then have the option to share the results with employers.


Video Profiles

Video profiles give a unique opportunity for graduates to showcase their skills in their own words.

Graduates can edit their profiles however they like, and demonstrate their presentation and communication skills as well as informing potential employers about their hireability in a concise and dynamic way.

This allows employer’s to gain insight into the graduate prior to the interviewing process, enabling the employer to make faster, more accurate, and better informed decisions.

Graduates are now more than simply a black and white CV.



The GradGreenhouse experience includes a secure in-house, integrated messaging system; allowing real-time direct messaging between both graduates and employers. Similar to everyday messaging platforms, messages can be organised for simplicity by Archiving for reference, and flagging for action and priority.

Employers can contact and be contacted by graduates directly and maintain a relationship with those most suited for current or future positions, allowing the recruitment process to become even more personal. This also allows the graduates to be proactive in their job search by being connected directly with the hiring team at their preferred companies, increasing the chance of them being selected for future positions and accelerating their application.

Employers are also able to manage their entire recruitment team in one place using our messaging system, as we offer group messaging between company employees, giving the entire recruitment team instant updates and progress reports; regardless of their current location.


Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing is the face-to-face interaction between and employers and a candidates in real time over a web based 2-way video platform. This allows both parties to meet (virtually) from anywhere in the world at a mutually convenient time. GradGreenhouse offers this unique functionality as an integrated component of the graduate hiring process, including integration with our in-house instant messaging service for text chat if required.

Once an employer has shortlisted a graduate, they can use the scheduling function to arrange and rearrange interviews with the selected candidates.

The Video Interviewing suite allows both parties to view a full job description, company profile, and candidate profile; including the candidate’s CV, test results, and any other supporting information. This also allows both parties to give their full attention to the interview without the need for multiple web windows open.

Our integrated recruitment tools allow employers to share candidate evaluation and notes with their in-house graduate recruitment team, with quantitative and qualitative scoring of each candidate based upon this set of 5 criteria used by leading HR professionals: Fit with the company’s values, Cultural fit, Relevant technical skills, Ability to work in a team, and Communicative skills.

This then contributes to an overall candidate evaluation from the entire hiring team, allowing an accurate comparison of all of the candidates on each criteria.

Graduates are also able to take notes easily on the page which are saved for future reference in the graduate’s interview history.



GradCloud is the full database of our graduate profiles, allowing employers to proactively access and target their search for the best suited talent. Using our filtering system, a shortlist of suitable candidates is made rapidly. If new criteria is added, the shortlist can be widened or narrowed accordingly. Preferred candidates can then be approached immediately.

Filters include: University, Language, Current Location, Preferred Location, Desired Job Type, Qualifications and more.

Our platform allows both candidates and employers to find one another seamlessly. It actively suggests to each party which candidates and jobs are the best fit for one another, and prompts the user whenever a candidate or job matching their criteria appears on

This technology takes the guesswork and the footwork out of discovering the perfect fit for both graduates and employers.

GradGreenhouse does the heavy lifting for you.


Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual Career Fairs are a game-changer. For the first time ever, focused graduates and employers from around the world come face-to-face in real time at industry or geographically specific, 48 hour virtual events. Being truly global, our fairs break down international barriers and time zones; allowing access to a global audience.

Benefits for graduates

Graduates have the ability to visit companies at their booths, and use our Virtual Chat Rooms to meet face-to-face with the recruiters in real time.

Visit the Auditorium where you can watch videos uploaded by the participating companies; experience group discussions from the experts at our Virtual Round Tables; and listen to live speakers presenting on the specific areas of their expertise. All live discussions and presentations are recorded and saved, to be viewed at any time.

Visit the GradLounge to be involved in discussions with fellow graduates attending the fair, and freely discuss all aspects of the fair in our exclusive and private “speak-easy”.

Benefits for employers

By uploading job descriptions, brochures, videos and logos; companies can customise their booths to increase their brand awareness to a focused audience.

Our GradCloud matchmaking technology has been integrated into the Virtual Career Fairs, meaning that you will now be notified when candidates with the specific skill-set you are looking for enter the fair, so you can approach them directly. This allows you to actively target the graduates attending the fair, and invite them to video chat in our Virtual Meeting Rooms.

Video chat allows you to build a personal relationship with the most interested and active graduates, so that you can begin sourcing and interacting with possible candidates immediately.

We also offer White labelling of our Virtual Career Fairs; allowing employers, universities, and non-profit organisations to host their own tailor-made Virtual Events.

Bring your targeted audience of delegates, guest speakers, partners, colleagues and friends to your own bespoke events; where you share your message in a unique, interactive, and effective environment.

Your event, your way.


Hireability Score

Each graduate is given a ‘Hireability Score’ based upon their activity and interactions within GradGreenhouse. This gives a strong indication of how responsive and enthusiastic an applicant is.

The score draws data from all of the graduate’s activity within the site; including the completeness of their profile, their interactions with companies, their attendance of Virtual Career Fairs, their test and assessment results, as well as previous interviewer’s evaluations.

This is especially useful as a quick indication of a graduate’s general level of application towards their search for a career.


Disclaimer (the “Site”) is a graduate recruitment platform. By registering with and accessing the Site, all users of the Site represent and warrant that they agree that the registration, operation and usage of the Site is governed by the laws of Singapore and all users agree to irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.

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TAFEP is a tripartite organisation set up to promote the adoption of fair, responsible, and progressive employment practices among employers, employees, and the general public. Its guidelines make it clear that during an on-line and/or in-person hiring process, employers should only consider traits and information that are directly relevant to assessing a graduate applicants’ suitability for the job. For instance, assessing a graduate applicant based on her skill set and work experience is completely acceptable. Conversely, assessing a graduate applicant based on her religion or marital status and family responsibilities is against the guidelines set by TAFEP.

There is nothing inherently unlawful in using video technology in the hiring process. The Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices do not prohibit the use of video technology in the hiring process (e.g. video CVs and video interviews) as long as the hiring process is conducted in a fair and appropriate manner.

All users of the Site represent, agree and warrant that the Site, its operators and owners are excluded from any and all liabilities arising from or pursuant to the registration, use, access, interaction etc. of the Site.

User Representation/Warranty (for employers):

By registering with the Site, you represent and warrant that you will fully comply in practice and spirit with the guidelines set by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices to ensure that the hiring process is objective and non-discriminatory against a graduate applicant on the bases of race, creed, colour, nationality, marital status, disability, sex and/or other protected traits.