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gradGREENHOUSE CEO & Co-Founder, Saima Siddiqui, speaks with leaders in higher education and industry, experts in talent recruitment and authors and thought leaders focused on career development and healthy workplaces about career launch, early talent and the new world of work. Guests from across the globe share their own career journeys and insights, best practices around recruitment, diversity & inclusion, building healthy workplaces and supporting remote and global teams.

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Latest Episode ft. Lindsey Pollak

Episode 6 ft. Aliza Knox

Author of Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Aliza spent more than a decade leading Asia Pacific businesses for Google, Twitter and Cloudflare. Before that she served as the first female partner in Asia at the Boston Consulting Group. After 40 years with corporates, she’s now a non-executive board director, mentor and advisor dedicated to empowering the next generation building successful global businesses.

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Episode 5 ft. Erica Keswin

Erica is an expert in the business of working human. She helps top-of-the-class businesses, organizations, and individuals improve their performance by honoring relationships in every context, always with an eye toward high-tech for human touch.

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Episode 4 ft. Jonathan Kwan

With over 20 years of experience as a career coach, management consultant & TEDx speaker, Jon is the Founder & Managing Director of Kwantum Leap Group, and also an external career advisor to the world’s top business schools including INSEAD, Cambridge, HKUST & NUS. Currently, he’s fascinated by the idea of applying Design Thinking principles to individuals in their careers

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Episode 3 ft. Karen Leong

Featured as one of the ten influential professional speakers in Singapore, Karen Leong is a transformation thought leader and global keynote speaker on influence. An amazon best-selling author, TEDx speaker and coach, Karen helps executives elevate their impact. Her seminal book – Win People Over and Influencing styles profiling tool have been used to empower teams in Fortune 500 companies.

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Episode 2 ft. Rosaline Chow Koo

On this episode of Lift Off! 🚀 - Saima talks to Rosaline Chow Koo, Founder & CEO of CXA Group, Asia’s first employee health and wellness ecosystem. Rosaline invested $5M of her savings and borrowed another $5M to build her startup CXA Group after 5 years trying to convince her firm to invest in Asia. CXA won Insurtech of the Year and Rosaline won Woman Leader of the Year from the Asia Insurance Industry Awards. Rosaline supervised P&G factory lines in Iowa and then worked on Wall Street.

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Episode 1 ft. Katy Montgomery

In the first episode of Lift Off! CEO & Co-Founder of gradGREEENHOUSE, Saima Siddiqui, talks with Katy Montgomery. Katy is the associate dean of degree programs at INSEAD in France. The two discuss Katy’s amazing career transformation and the impact it has had on her life. They go deeper into the topics of diversity and how to connect global teams, even with the world being so separated.

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